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Introduction – Share your learning curve

Welcome to the testing curve!
As a first post I’d like to explain where the name of this blog comes from, because it also tells you what I want to do with this blog.

It’s quite simple actually. A few weeks ago I watched Joris Luyendijk’s TEDxAmsterdam talk “Share your learning curve.” In this talk he explains how frustrated he is by the fact that if you want to learn something about some subject, you can find all kinds of information on the internet, but afterwards you still don’t know what to think of the subject. There is just too much information on the internet and most of it disagrees with the rest of it.
So his solution is to share your learning curve. What you don’t do, is first do all your research and then publish it. No, you do your research and as you do so, you tell the story of your research. And not only is that a cool way to talk about something, it’s also an invitation to your readers to provide feedback. To provide you with new questions you hadn’t though of yourself or with new sources of information, or … In short, it makes the research interactive.

So that’s what I would like to do with this blog: share my learning curve on testing. That also helps me get over the idea (or rather: the silly thought)  that I should only post completely new and mind-shatteringly insightful ideas on testing, because it’s a blog. And people will be like reading it (hopefully). And I don’t want to waste their time. And…

In one aspect I will be diverting from  Joris Luyendijk’s idea, though. He advises to share your learning curve on something you know nothing about and I do not know nothing about testing. But I am very interested in how your definition testing shapes your method of testing, so I’m going to stick to ‘basics’ anyhow. In that respect, testing is like any other skill: if the basics aren’t there, there’s no need to bother with the rest.